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On-line dietary and nutritional supplements

Who are we ? is a leading player in the European nutritional supplements market. The dietary supplements directory of the search engine Google, used by most web-surfers, ranks first in the list of French-speaking sites (as classified by the Pagerank popularity index) and among the top sites for the six other languages in which we operate.

Our products are distributed predominantly through reliable, secure Internet sites, in seven different languages (see Security), by Supplement Health Store Ltd, a global operator in the manufacture and distribution of the worlds highest quality dietary supplements (see Quality comes first).

Supplement Health Store Ltd is bound by a services contract to Supplement Health Store, a company incorporated under Luxembourg law, which has a call centre and processes orders from European customers. Supplement Health Store is easily contactable by mail or telephone (see contact). The main logistics centre is in the UK and a second in the United States.

Historically, the companies which preceded Supplement Health Store Ltd have, since 1992, led the way in nutritional supplements in Europe. With Supplement Health Store Drinks, they were also at the forefront of what has today become a sizeable market for energy drinks. They were among the very first to market products via the Internet when the first incarnation of was launched in 1997. We began by importing American products, rapidly moving to our own-brand products in order to offer our customers even better value for money.

Supplement Health Store Ltd sponsors the activities of the Foundation for Free Choice (Fondation pour le Libre Choix or FLC), a not-for-profit association which aims to inform the public about research into nutritional supplements and preventive health. The FLC produces the monthly newsletter and maintains the website. Nutranews frequently features the most prestigious names (see Contributors) and contains highly-regarded information which is used by thousands of practitioners and is often reproduced in the press. Supplement Health Store Ltd and other companies in the group also contribute to the activities of several European and international associations, to develop information and public education in the field of supplementation, as well as to defend the publics right to free access to dietary supplements. A significant research contract has been finalised with the Facult de Pharmacie in Strasbourg to develop a sophisticated method of purification for certain hormone supplements. Other studies are underway to confirm the efficacy of new cosmetic products. The sites (information and sales of hormone supplements) and (for prescribers only, and in French and Italian language only) are also linked to our activities.

Our companies ensure they employ the right people for the job : formulations are developed by a qualified pharmacist and recognised specialist in nutrition, raw materials are specially selected and the manufacturing process controlled by an agro-food engineer, all published information is checked by an experienced scientific journalist, internet sites are managed by a highly-developed IT team, information is translated by scientific translators and orders are processed by specially trained, multlilingual operators.

Our policy : prioritising quality, safety, efficacy and scientific validation. A simple policy which has secured the loyalty of an increasing number of customers. For which, once again, our sincere thanks.